NobleMEIR’s Physical Separation Laboratory

Serves customers by providing beneficiation tests and diagnostic reports of minerals, recyclables and agricultural items.

Our qualified Chemical Engineers and Materials Analysts are experienced in microscopy evaluation, mechanical testing of paramagnetic and ferrous metals, physical separation, chemical treatments and mechanical means of beneficiation and material liberation.

Our in-house lab includes multiple options of physical separation processes:

  • Laboratory Investigations

  • Comminution

  • Mineral Beneficiation

  • Pilot Plants

  • Consulting and Field Services

  • Independent assays available

NobleMEIR’s lab equipment includes:

  • High Gradient Magnetic Separator (up to 50000 Gauss) ·  Spiral concentrators

  • Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator · Shaker Table

  • Electromagnet Separator · Electrostatic separation

  • Floatation and sink/float

*Samples sent to NobleMEIR are kept secure from contamination, and all results/reports are strictly confidential.

Shaker Table


Some common minerals and materials:

Bauxite                    Corn                    Gold                    Ilmenite                Kaolin               Lithium                    Oats                     

                                     Platinum                 Plastics              Quartz                Rutile                    Silica                  Tin             Zircon

Testing is crucial to ensure the optimum result for client needs. Testing allows product qualities to be assessed, tonnage rates determined, flowsheets generated and ultimately, engineering and costing to be done on projects. For example, NobleMEIR’s mineral separation laboratory provides the full gamut of testing and flowsheet requirements for clients.

 The separator’s final design is most often determined by client-specific separation requirements, combined with the results of our(a) test work facility. This early collaboration between client and technology provider ensures the performance of the delivered separator is of the greatest efficiency and value. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance:     |     |      +1 (904) 693.1090